Multiple Booking Options

Customers can book their shuttle from multiple devices in few simple steps.

Real time seat availability

Customers can select their preferred seats during booking.

Boarding Point and Drop off

Quick navigation tools to lead passengers to the nearest boarding point.

Agent Management

Agent creation and commission management

Route and fare Management

Fare management based on route, boarding points and Drop off points

Launch Your shuttle service with Shuttle Booking pro

Shuttle booking pro software can easily be customized to your business requirements. It’s is ideal for Airport shuttle transfers operators and for companies offering tours and travel facility for tourists, corporate transportation, student shuttle, airport shared ride and charter transfer services. Shuttle booking pro system can also be integrated into your website and will allow your customersto book transfers to predetermined locations.

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Manage your fleet and increase operational efficiency

Shuttle booking pro can be configured to routes with time schedule and fares based on various type of vehicles. The software helps you to easily market your service and sell seats to passengers, while at the same time preventing overbooking and upset customers. Shuttle booking pro comes with inbuild business intelligence to show the seat capacity of the vehicle based on the bookings, the BI gauges shows when the vehicle is nearing its capacity.


Shuttle booking pro enhances customer experience in booking their shuttle service online and enables shuttle operators to boost their operational efficiency to maximize their profitability.

Dynamic pricing model

Define pricing based on pick up point and boarding point.

Flat pricing

Define fixed prices for rides of various routes based on their pickup point and drop off point.

Vehicle -Based pricing

Define vehicle type-based pricing for the routes created based on pickup point and drop off point.

Looking for a software solution to manage bookings and run your operations for Shuttle transport business? Are you an Airport shuttle fleetoperator or a tour operator with multiple type of transport and is looking for a solution to manage the business?

Shuttle booking pro is the highly customisable solution to suite your needs.

If you are a Shuttle bus operator or a fleet owner, contact us and we can help you to streamline your operations.

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Increase your shuttle bus business operation efficiency and enhance your customer experience in booking with Shuttle booking pro.

Want to know more?

Shuttle Booking Pro is packed with tons of advanced features to manage the operations and booking experience for the customers.

Manage Bookings

Admin backend with role-based security to manage and make bookings from the backed

Managing Routes

Customers can check out available routes & pickup points to plan their journey.

Quick Bookings

Let customers enjoy the intuitive seat booking experience on customer centric UI design.

E- tickets

Real-time notification for customers with e-ticket after booking

Real-Time seat availability tracking

The shuttle seat capacity can be tracked in the Business intelligence dashboard of the software

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway can be integrated based on the client’s needs.

Agents & Commissions

Agents login can be managed from the backed. Agent commission can be setup based on routes

Reporting & Analytics

Inbuild Business intelligence for revenue and fleet performance and the system also has inbuild reports.